Imaging That Photography

Landscape photography as we see it is dynamic rather than “scenic.” Our eyes are attracted by elements of design, whether they’re laid down as colors or patterns or repetitive geometries or monochromatic monoliths, and what we seek to show with our work is that these elements of design are, for the most part, all about energy. The earth and its various parts large and small are fluid rather than static, in flux rather than fixed. We believe that geology is a moving experience. That’s not an ironic statement; it’s literal.

We’re interested in structures more than sunsets, although like everyone else, we love sunsets. For twenty years or so, Richard spent much of his time in the field with a portrait lens, usually a Nikon 105mm, stalking patterns and designs. Lois’s favorite lens was Nikon’s Micro-Nikkor for super close-up work. But then came digital days and a variety of prime and zoom lenses: more fun on our annual trips south to Arizona and north to Alberta.

Western landscapes are about space, often vast tracts of land empty of the works of man, and we’ve thought it important to convey a sense of what vastness might feel like to those who’ve never had the experience of open, “empty”, and supremely silent. On our website we are showcasing some of our ABSTRACTS. You might recognize a location or two but we hope the images take your mind to other places as well -the soft curves of sand, stark desert varnish, snow sculptures, or rock formations - all can lead you to other thoughts and images.

Go with them! Float freely!

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